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As an executive producer, Music Booking Orchestra contracts musicians, organizes and coordinates every technical and adminstrative aspect of your recording or live session in every field of the entertainment industry  :

  • Music for film, television films and documentaries
  • Pop sessions, advertising, television or radio jingles and idents and original theatre soundtrack recording sessions
  • Stage, tours, concerts, show cases
  • Special events (B to B)
  • Extras for feature films and/or hand stand-ins
  • Special coaching technique for actors to perform with instruments 

Recording Sessions

  • 3 or 4 recording sessions
  • Musicians are professional performers with major national orchestras (Opéra National de Paris, Radio-France, Orchestre de Paris, etc...)
  • Contacts with all major studios, bilingual sound engineers and french score copyists
  • Customized quotes include salaries and social charges according to french regulations, transportation and backline rental
  • Projects are quoted & invoiced all inclusive

Shows and Extras

  • Tariffs include salaries, expenses, transportation, accomodations etc...
  • Mic rentals for strings
  • Projects can be invoiced all inclusive


  • Evaluation of actor's potential
  • Learning method for non-music readers
  • Monthly or weekly contract quotes
  • Possibility of recording sync to picture per segment
  • Hand stand-ins